Client Documentary

After years of use, the boiler has been in stable condition, and any problems can be quickly solved by dialing the 400 service hotline!

APEC And Fangkuai Boiler

Compared with previous APEC summits, the 2014 APEC summit in China has devoted more energy to environmental protection. People all over the world have seen China's economy soar, and now is the time to start the blue-sky defense.

The product used in this summit are Fangkuai ultra-low nitrogen steam boiler. This boiler has achieved ultra-low emissions, ultra-high efficiency, and stands out from many competitors, providing the perfect heating experience for this grand summit.

Yili And Fangkuai

Yili industrial group co., ltd. is the largest dairy processing and manufacturing company in China with the most complete product line, ranking the first in the Asian dairy industry. "Several subsidiaries of our group have been purchasing boilers from Fangkuai and have been operating steadily for many years. FangKuai customer service system also brings us a lot of convenience."